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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Paid?

Through The MyEcon Program. (Set Your Info In Your MyEcon Dashboard)


Through Our Internal Program (Put Your Paypal Address in the Profile Page)

How Often Am I Paid & How Much?

My Econ Pays Weekly. You can watch the Compensation video on the “Step 1” Page to learn more.

Do You Really Drive Traffic For Me?

Yes, if you upgrade in Step 2.

Otherwise, you can do it yourself using the sources on the promote page.

Does this Convert?

Well yeah… one of the big reasons why you should use a system like this is because someone else (an admin) is doing all the hard work for you.

All the landing pages…

All the videos…

All the selling…

In this case, traffic is even being driven for you (if you do the $1 trial in step 2.)

Just think about all that you’ve gone through and all you’ve seen so far… and consider whether you think it will work on other people, then there’s your answer. [Yeah, this works 🙂 ]

What If I’m Already A MyEcon Member?

All good, just pop your username in… feel free to use this system for free to generate referrals.

Where can I get my Affiliate Link?

On the Promote page..

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MyEcon Information

MyEcon Business Presentation


Click Here For A Bunch More Information About MyEcon

[expand title=”MyEcon Corporate Overview Video”]

[/expand] [expand title=”Corporate Compensation Plan Video & PDF”]
Compensation Plan PDF
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[/expand] [expand title=”Income Shifting Strategy Sneak Peak”] As part of the MyEcon 750 Credit Repair system you also get a course called “Income Shifting…”

Here is the introduction to that course..

[/expand] [expand title=”21 Benefits Of Joining MyEcon”] Do you know what comes with your myEcon Membership and $34.95/month? Here are 21 Benefits!!!

1) $1 million in Identity Theft Protection (but you have to enter your information for it to work)

2) Smart Money Kit – DIY Credit Repair (a system to help you get your credit score to 750+, but you need to watch and apply the training for it to work)

3) CashFlow Manager Software – keep track of your personal expenses and multiple businesses. If you do not have great records, you cannot maximize your tax benefits.

4) Free and Discounted Legal Services (check out all of the free services)

5) Tax Advice and Preparation

6) A retail website and company that ships items and provides customer service for all products sold.

7) Financial Literacy Training – over forty hours of training and information between your website and the EDM Training website.

8)More training and education – weekly calls and webinars

9) Discount Travel that gives you cash back after your trip

10) Discounted online shopping (and cashback)

11) $200-$500 in grocery coupons each month

12) Mentorship from actually millionaires (but you need to reach out and connect)

13) At least 5 cashflow streams

14) Multiple potential income streams

15) Unlimited earning potential

16) Training on how to market and advance a business online (Online Marketing $13.95/mo), which includes how to make capture pages, websites, automatic mailers, selling on Ebay and Amazon and more (for your myEcon business or other businesses)

17) Many destination events include investment education/training that usually costs $1500 at a firm.

18) A legitimate business to help reduce your taxable income

19) Access to common and uncommon tax deductions

20) Ability to increase your take home pay on your job by correcting your W4 and turning it over to add to your allowances.

21) New marketable skillsets in business management, finance, correcting W4’s and understanding credit.

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Use the gear icon at the bottom right of the youtube player to watch at 2x speed. (there’s solid info here.)

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track my conversions