Real Estate Pro? Want To Close More Deals & Make Easy Affiliate Commissions at The Same Time?

If you’re a Real Estate agent or Mortgage lender, and you want an easy way to help more of your clients qualify for financing… all while generating some easy side income for yourself… you might like this!

We just got done adding a special landing page that Realtors and Loan Officers can use to help their clients increase their credit and save for a down payment with the Residual Robot and My Econ.

This is of course also a great way for the Real Estate pro to generate extra commissions for themselves as well.

You can click here to open the example landing page in a new window.

And here’s a video you can share with other Real Estate Pros to generate referrals.

(If you’d like to directly share your affiliate link to this post or the landing page with a Realtor or Lender, you can grab your links to both pages on our Promo Tools page.)

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